73 East Lake Tops Out, Becomes New Landmark in Loop Skyline

73 East Lake topped out. Photo courtesy of Loop Spy Daniel.

73 East Lake topped out. Photo courtesy of Loop Spy Daniel.

If you’ve been wondering how much taller the residential tower at 73 East Lake Street could climb, as they say in Minnesota: “That’s all the further she goes.”

Loop Spy Daniel clued us in earlier this week that the concrete forms had been taken off the incredibly skinny building — a sure sign that it has reached, or is about to reach, its ultimate height.

73 East Lake

Drawing of 73 East Lake

Today we got confirmation from the people behind 73 East Lake that the tower’s 42nd, and final, floor was poured on Monday.  Though there is still a bit of work to do — They still need to, “pour the roof and base for the mechanical equipment.”

The roof of the last residential floor is 435 feet, eight inches. The very top of the mechanical penthouse is 470 feet, six inches. There will be a common area around the mechanical penthouse with a sun deck to the south, a garden to the west, and grassy patches all around to form the “green roof” (see the really poorly reproduced diagram below).

Loop Spy Daniel also sent along the photograph you see above, showing the top of the building as it exists today.  If you look carefully, you can see a vertical row of bay windows, giving people facing east a little more light and space, plus the ability to see north and south along Garland Court.

73 East Lake diagram

73 East Lake diagram


73 East Lake diagram

73 East Lake diagram

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